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Frequently Asked Question!

All the dishes on Fudicious Platform are prepared by their respective homechefs/homemakers only.

You can order food through our Android App available on Google Playstore only. However, we are working tirelessly to bring Fudicious on Apple Store soon. 

At Fudicious, we believe nobody is more qualified than a Mother in serving her exquisite dishes with affection and care. However, every homechef on our platform goes through a rigorous onboarding process and are handpicked by us. All the kitchens on our platform  adhere to FSSAI and Fudicious guidelines. 

At Fudicious, we understand that food cravings can strike at any moment. That’s why we only offer an on-demand delivery service to cater to your changing food desires. While each dish is lovingly prepared in a home kitchen, we strive to ensure prompt delivery, overcoming any challenges that may arise. Your satisfaction and timely enjoyment of our delicious meals are our top priorities.

At Fudicious, we are continuously working to enhance your experience and provide even more convenience. We understand the value of subscriptions and are excited to announce that we are actively working on introducing subscription plans in the near future. Stay tuned for updates as we strive to bring you more options and benefits to make your Fudicious journey even more enjoyable. We appreciate your patience and look forward to offering you the best possible culinary experience through our upcoming subscription plans. 

For loyalty programs, we have exciting plans in the pipeline. We invite you to stay connected with us through our social media handles to receive timely updates and announcements. Additionally, we are also planning a series of community events in the near future, where you can engage with fellow food enthusiasts and experience the true essence of Fudicious. Keep an eye out for these upcoming events as we strive to create a vibrant and interactive community. Stay tuned and be a part of the Fudicious journey!

Serving on Fudicious is a delightful opportunity to showcase your culinary skills and heritage recipes. We welcome you with open arms to be a part of our community. If you’re interested, simply reach out to us using the contact information provided above and express your interest. At Fudicious, we are committed to supporting you every step of the way, ensuring that you can effortlessly share your passion for cooking with our discerning foodies. Join us and let your culinary talents shine on the Fudicious platform!

At Fudicious, we prioritize the quality of the food offered on our platform. All the kitchens operating on the Fudicious platform strictly adhere to the regulations set by the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) as well as our own guidelines. However, it’s important to note that while we strive to ensure high-quality standards, Fudicious operates as a platform where independent micro businesses showcase their culinary talents. Therefore, while we make every effort to maintain quality, we cannot guarantee it as it may vary between kitchens. Rest assured, we are continuously working to provide the best possible culinary experiences to our valued customers.

Fudicious is currently available in Hyderabad, India only. However, express your interest by downloading our application (or) by filling a form in our website at Homepage. 

At Fudicious, we love to embrace creativity and unique culinary ideas from our community. If you have an imaginative dish or recipe in mind, we encourage you to share it with us. Simply reach out to us with the dish name, its origin, and even a YouTube video link to help us better understand your creation, through our Fudicious App -> Accounts -> Help & Support -> Feedback Form.

We will carefully consider your submission and, within a week, infuse that dish or recipe into one of the kitchens nearby you. Rest assured, we will notify you once it becomes available for ordering. Your contribution to our culinary community is valued, and we are excited to bring your creation to life on our platform.

At Fudicious, we have a policy in place to maintain wastage control and respect the time and effort put in by our dedicated homechefs. Once an order is placed, it cannot be cancelled. However, we prioritize customer satisfaction, and if the dish you receive is not the same as what you ordered, we will provide a refund. We strive to ensure that you enjoy the exact culinary experience you desire, and in case of any discrepancies, we are committed to making it right for you.