Delivery Policy for Fudicious Platform

  • Welcome to Fudicious! Our Delivery Policy provides clarity on our shipping practices to ensure a seamless experience for our valued Foodies.
Order Processing:
  • Orders on the Fudicious platform are carefully processed by our dedicated Foodpreneurs, guaranteeing each culinary delight is crafted with precision.
Third-Party Delivery Partners:
  • Fudicious collaborates with trusted third-party delivery partners for efficient order deliveries. Please note that Fudicious cannot be held liable for delayed deliveries, spillage, or similar issues as we rely on external delivery services.
Timely Deliveries:
  • Fudicious prioritizes timely deliveries to maintain the freshness of our dishes. The delivery time window is designed to ensure a swift and enjoyable experience for our Foodies, with a minimum delivery time of 10 minutes and a maximum delivery time of 40 minutes.
Tracking Information:
  • Foodies can conveniently track their orders through the Fudicious Mobile Application. The order journey along with the live tracking of the delivery partner will be visible until the order is delivered.
Delivery Zones:
  • Fudicious currently operates within specific delivery zones. The Fudicious app displays nearby kitchens tailored to the Foodie’s location within these zones, enhancing a personalized and efficient ordering experience.
Delivery Charges:
  • Delivery charges will be clearly communicated during the checkout process. Any additional fees will be transparently presented for your consideration.
Contactless Delivery:
  • In adherence to safety standards, our delivery partners practice contactless delivery whenever possible, minimizing physical contact during the delivery process.
Order Tracking Issues:
  • For any concerns related to order tracking or the delivery process, our Support team is available at to assist you.
Unsuccessful Deliveries:
  •  In the event of an unsuccessful delivery attempt, our delivery partners make reasonable efforts to contact you. Accurate contact information during the ordering process facilitates smooth communication.
Exceptional Circumstances: 
  • Fudicious cannot be held responsible for delays or issues arising from exceptional circumstances, such as natural disasters, accidents, or unforeseen events beyond our control.

Effective Date: December 01, 2023

Thank you for choosing Fudicious! If you have further inquiries or require assistance, feel free to reach out to us at